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Leave your legacy.


Our alumni are our best link to the past and the key to the future. No one knows better how influential and important our organization is to the students we serve. From volunteering their time to connecting with our students to building bridges in the business community, our alumni help us make a difference for our student members. 


Join us in our +1 Campaign and help us continue to make a difference in the lives of our members. It is simple. Bring one more person to the table. Each of you bringing one more judge, sponsor, advocate, or volunteer to the table is all it takes to provide the Minnesota Collegiate DECA experience that changes lives.

Ready to get started?

Please use the links and resources below:

Thank you for helping us continue the legacy and prepare the next generation of leaders! Please click the link below to stay connected and up to date on Minnesota Collegiate DECA and alumni happenings. Join our Facebook community for up-to-the-minute information!

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