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Our business partners and sponsors make it possible for our students to achieve results they never imagined and go places they have never been.

Through your gift of time and resources you help create an outstanding student experience and get in on the ground floor of the possibilities the next generation of leaders has to offer. You and your organization get front row access to skilled and passionate recruits ready to take their skills from the classroom to the boardroom.  

How can you get access to our pool of motivated, top tier talent and support our mission to prepare the next generation of business leaders? 

  • Providing expert speakers and judges for our podcasts, conferences, and competitive events

  • Connecting with our members at the chapter level from 13 colleges and universities across the state

  • Hosting a booth or recruiting session at our conferences 

  • Gaining access to our followers across 6 social media platforms, email blasts, and our website for job postings and promotions 

  • Sponsoring or providing in kind donations for conference materials, swag, and meal breaks for our attendees

  • Providing scholarship funding for our members 

  • Planned giving 

If you are ready to join our family of alumni and business partners, click the donate button below or contact us directly with your questions by clicking here. 

Join our family of sponsors

The Ward Family Foundation

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Support Minnesota Collegiate DECA

Make your sponsorship payment by clicking the PayPal button below.

Collegiate DECA is a non-profit (501c-3), non-political student-oriented organization. Local chapters are self-supporting with members paying local, state and national dues. It is the only career and technical organization within our college system designed for individuals with career interests in marketing, management, merchandising, hospitality, sales and entrepreneurship.

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