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Meet Your 2016-2017 State Officer Team

Minnesota Collegiate DECA is pleased to introduce the 2016-2017 State Officer Team.

This group of individuals is ready to take on the challenge of serving Collegiate DECA members, advisors and chapters this upcoming year. We have asked them a series of questions to let you get to know them better.

Kaleen Krueger – President

Kaleen Krueger has been a member of DECA for five years, and has grown because of her experiences while in DECA. Krueger is double majoring in Business Administration with Emphasis in Marketing and Integrated Advertising/Public Relations at Minnesota State University Moorhead. She is from Casselton, North Dakota. If a magazine article about her life was written it would be titled, "College student continues to manage school, work, organizations, and life 365 day a year." If you found Kaleen at a Karaoke night you would defiantly find her singing "Man! I Feel Like a Woman." She loves movies in general, and her favorite super hero is Captain America. Kaleen's motivation comes from her family and the idea that she can make a difference.

Chloe Hoeft – Central Region Vice President

Since high school, Chloe has been an active member of DECA. She is now going to college at St. Cloud State University where she is majoring in Marketing with a minor in Communication Studies. Chloe is originally from Chanhassen, Minnesota. If a magazine article about her life was published it would be titled, "Women jumps into giant pool of potato salad." Her hero is her dad, but if she could be a super hero she would Iron man (Iron Woman). Her motivation also comes from the idea that there is a small percentage of people who think she will fail. If you found her at a Karaoke night you would defiantly find her singing "Barbie Girl!"

Tyler Guy – Metro Region Vice President

Guy has been in DECA for five years now; he started becoming an active member while he was in Las Vegas going to high school. Tyler attends University of Minnesota-Twin Cities where he is majoring in Agriculture and Food Business Management. If he could only eat one meal for the rest of his life it would be steak, white rice, and broccoli. If a magazine article about Tyler's life was written it would be titled, "2nd Masters of the Universe." He didn't actually have a favorite cartoon growing up, but right now his favorite cartoon is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. His motivation to work hard is $money$ and you better watch out because Tyler wrecks people at Risk.

Deanna Wolf – Southern Region Vice President

Deanna is currently attending Minnesota State College Southeast Technical where she is majoring in Sales Management. This is her first year in DECA, and she is also finishing high school at the same time. She grew up in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. If she could meet anyone living or dead it would be Slash from Guns n’ Roses. Slash was Deanna's inspiration for learning to play guitar and he has some great hair. She loves jamming to old-school rock, doing adventurous things, and Collegiate DECA activities, of course. If a magazine article about her life was written it would be titled, "Caucasian millennial female can moonwalk and eat pizza at the same time!"

Benjamin Sears – Member at Large

Ben attends South Central College and is majoring in Marketing Management. This is his second year in DECA, and he is from Mankato, Minnesota. At South Central College, Ben is the President of SCC's DECA chapter. If a magazine article about his life was written it would be titled, "Poor college student attempts to maintain sanity." If he had the opportunity to meet anyone dead or alive it would be Nikola Tesla. If Sears was out at a Karaoke night you would defiantly find him singing Hey Ya-Outkast. Three of his favorite hobbies are DECA, music, and exploration. Ben's motivation comes from his family and his hero's are Muhammad Ali and his Grandma.

Andrew Clauson – Member at Large

Clauson is in his second year of DECA. He also attends St. Could State University where he is majoring in Finance. At SCSU he holds the officer position of Treasurer. His favorite cartoon growing up was Rocket Power, even though he had absolutely no idea how to skateboard or surf. If he could only eat one meal for the rest of his life it would be a burrito from Chipotle. A magazine article about Andrew's life would be titled, "A man somehow found a way to get paid to sleep until 12:00 in the afternoon everyday."Andrew really enjoys working out, playing hockey, and hunting. Hunting is his favorite activity, because it’s the only thing that he does that can get him up at 5:00am and he doesn't care about losing sleep.

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